Urii staycation = Our staycation

We spent the last of the vacation time at USS and Aloha Loyang Chalet.

The one-day trip to USS was well-spent. Full of laughter and experiencing exciting rides.

Universal Studio Singapore


One of the rides the girls took which I dared not try 🙂

So too the 3D2N staycation at Aloha Loyang with the extended family members 🙂

Our no. 7 chalet was right in front of the water works 🙂

On the first night, during our bbq session, we even had a “thrilling” moment, thanks to the small tree snake that dropped from the tree and onto our bbq area. Luckily, my eldest nephew Yan saw it and together with his cousins, they caught it and put it into the trash bag. We called the receptionist and they got someone to take it away. Phew!!!

The youngsters were thrilled about it. They were not even scared of it but for me and my sisters, we were alarmed but it subsided quickly enough when we saw how the youngsters handled the situation effectively 😉

After that moment of excitement, the bbq session continued well into the night.

4th and 5th nephews enjoying the foods …


We also took the opportunity to celebrate the birthdays of those born in Dec and Jan …. A total of 5 of them 😉 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADLINA, ANNISA, ASYRAF, FAUZAN & RUMAISHA


The next day, early in the morning, I spent time brisk-walking/jogging on the park next to the sea with my husband while the girls spent time sleeping in. While exercising, my niece-in-law, her daughters, her bibik and my 2nd sister joined us and so I went another round of brisk-walking with them while hubby took the time to soak his feet in the seawater.

Took a shot of hubby jogging in the park 🙂

After that, around 10 plus, we spent time bonding with my grandnephews and grandnieces in the pool. They simply love sliding down the slide into the water and playing water gun. I became their target every time I went near them hehee 😉

Two out of the 6 younger gens. Youngest niece with our 1st grandniece …. these two literally spend hours in the pool … in and out the whole time we were at the chalet 🙂

Then, in the afternoon around 3 pm, 6 of us, the ladies, decided to go karaoke at the Downtown Mall. The men spent time playing soccer.

Spent 2 hours singing hahaha what fun! Our first time in a karaoke and I really like it … Love seeing and hearing my girls and nieces singing. I’m not a singer but that day I just sang even though I sound horrible hahahaa ….. my sis said “takpe nyanyi jer” … nasib tembok tak roboh hehehe 😛

Time truly passed by very fast when you’re having fun. So in no time our staycation ended and now we’re back home. Tired yes, but happy! Alhamdulillah …. already the plan for next year family outing has been discussed. Insya’Allah ada rezeki, panjang umur we will proceed with it.



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