Random thoughts – Dec 16th.

The weather has turned cold these days. It’s raining daily and a lot of people are having flu. Our family are also affected. I was down for awhile then my eldest daughter. In the office, a few of my colleagues are also down with flu right now and today, again I am feeling a bit out of the weather. Been sneezing and experiencing block nose. I hope it will not turn for the worst cos tomorrow is the long awaited day trip for us. Kids are looking forward to it and I would not want to dissappoint them, no matter what still have to go since we have already bought the tickets. Hoping the weather and health will be good, Insya’Allah!

I better boost my Vit C intake since starting the day after tomorrow I will be busy with lots of things to do. School term is going to start soon …. in 2 weeks time and there are lots of items that need to be ready for the gals and at the same time, I need to prepare for the extended family bbq event as well.

I’m also feeling a little bit anxious, just a wee bit, after knowing that my eldest daughter’s result will be out soon. She will receive them right after the trip to KL.

Ya Rabb! All the best to her … I know and believe that whatever results she achieve later will be what’s best for her. Whatever next route You allow her to be in, whichever path you lay out for her future, I know that’s the best one for her. You are afterall the Best Planner and the All Knower!

Feeling better just writing down these thoughts … Alhamdulillah! Ok better get back to work now.



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