Of kind words and self-reflect

I have a colleague and friend at work that whenever she sees me, she would asked me “how are you?” without fail and her kindness showed in her demeanor and the sincerity of her words.

Today, we met at the counter …. I was replacing her duty and she asked me, “how are you feeling now? after the fall? better?”

I replied, “Yes, good (Alhamdulillah, I whispered in my heart)” and smiled at her. She smiled back and said “you’re very fortunate you know … must thank your Allah and you’re bless …. you’re by nature a kind person and so your Allah protect you.”

Sweet and such kind words …. Alhamdulillah, I am indeed grateful! May Allah bless her for being a kind and caring friend.

Indeed, whatever befalls us especially those moments of pain, loss, illness and many more …. we must always remember to look at the bright side … there are always the bright side, we just need to look deep and when we find them, we would find peace, acceptance of our situations, the ability to move on and gratefulness.

So yes, my fall was bad and painful but looking on the bright side, Alhamdulillah, there was no fracture to the skull, no internal bleeding, I did not go into a coma, no physical disability due to the fall etc. So many things to be grateful for. Syukran Ya Rabb! 🙂

Life is unpredictable but faith and hope will help us to find balance and sanctuary while facing life’s tempestuous sea.

I am a human who makes mistakes and commit sins daily … there’s no doubt of that and for that I hope to seek His forgiveness and thus I enjoin myself to forgive others as well because none of us are perfect. The only difference is between forgiving and the choice of putting oneself in negative radar intentionally. The balance and need to protect myself is also important to me. More important is that lessons are learnt to make sure I do not do onto others what others had done to me. This is something which I keep reminding my gals and myself. To forget is also human and so I need reminders all the time 😦


PS: These few days… the 4th SIL is at another place that will re-open memories of her son while he was alive. May she be given peace of heart and mind and may the memories that perhaps will might come forth be a comfort instead of sadness to her. Aamin …


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