Detach – self & emotion

The word ‘detach’ means to disengage (something or part of something) and remove it.

And so ever since I’ve decided to detach myself from certain matters from my life, I have discovered that I have becomes aloof at times. What do I mean by aloof? Not that I’m being proud or arrogant but in training myself to be detach, I discovered that my feelings are slow to react in my usual manner …. for instance when a person told me of his/her situations or problems, I would listen but my feelings of empathy/symphathy/sadness etc just do not show up quickly. I would listen/read but it would take me quite sometimes to really view the matter in the normal ways that I would before this “detaching” training mode becomes me. Dunno if this is good or bad…. hmm…

I have learn to not ask or be curious about matters regarding what others are doing ….. kadang perasaan ni macam perasaan tak kuasa gitu. Bila datang perasaan nak tanya jer nanti diri ni tanya balik “soalan yang nak ditanya apa baiknya?”

So thinking and reflecting …. I realise learning to detach has its pro and cons …. pros is that many times I prevent myself from being a ‘Kepo’ and cons I believe that people will get a different vibe from me due to my lack of response thus could be misconstrued and bak kata orang akan jadi bahan perbualan manusia sebab kita dah macam aksyen gitu …. hehee… I find it funny and scary at the same time!

Anyway, I believe I will continue to detach myself perhaps not from everything but selected matters.

Life lessons has been hard and harsh on me. The funny thing is when I looked back, I realised that even though I did not go looking for trouble but I seemed to have a knack to attract trouble. I suppose what matters most is that I do not create the trouble and I must learn to protect myself from any future troubles. It’s really not about me not being tolerant or not having patience but rather I just choose not to want to suffer anymore … present and future.

Reading the quote from Mufti Ismail Menk just now, I must say that I totally agree with what he said. The tongue is indeed sharper and fatal than a sword/knife. The effect of words … could leave a person scarred for life! In this aspect, my change from my norm, I have “them” to thank for. Hoping that all “these” has blessings in disguise, insya’Allah!

“Saying things out of anger may leave a scar which might be permanent. You could apologise repeatedly but a verbal wound could be for life!” – Mufti Ismail Menk

As such, I must also learn to control my tongue when I am angry.  Ni nak kena ingat selalu huhu …




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