November Escapade – Part 1

For the first half of November, the kids and I spend the school holidays by going around our Little Red Dot.

First escapade was to the airport… Just sight seeing, and at the same time hunting for my Melvados Brownie 😉
Their little cousin from their paternal side joined us and we had fun taking photos around the airport.

Our niece posing in front of one of the Star War’s space craft

2nd escapade, we went to the Zoo and River Safari.  Since it was the eve of Deepavali, the zoo was less crowded and so we had a more leisure time going around both the Zoo and River Safari. Then, while exploring the zoo, it rained heavily for a while and the kids had fun playing a bit in the rain 😉


Sea creatures @ River Safari



3rd escapade was to City Square Mall hunting and tasting new food outlets. Thanks to my eldest daughter (as a celebration for finally completing her IAP), she gave us all a treat …. Thank you N. H. 🙂

Besides the City Square Mall, we also went to the SAM (Singapore Arts Museum).  Then we went window shopping while enjoying the sight of the many decorations along Orchard Road.

Had brunch @ Padding House of Pancakes

For dinner, we ate at the Wing Stop. I love the different flavours of wings they served.  The ranch sauce was delicious as well.  For the first time, I did not dip any of my chickens or fries in chili sauce cos the taste of the chicken wings and the ranch sauce were enough to satisfy my palate. Definitely going back there again.


Now, we are looking forward to the other half of November and the start of December 🙂

Insya’Allah, May what we plan goes well 🙂


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