After the fall and now with the school holidays in full swing, I’m in trouble … Really! Well, at least trouble lies with my weight hahaha 😉

I’m beginning to put on weight! Oh no!!!

Thanks to the fall, I have not been exercising cos I have not heal 100 percent yet and thanks to the kids, I’ve been eating more … huhu… no one to blame but myself really! *sigh*

Must make myself to be more discipline when it comes to food (but I love eating!) … 😦

Already the head is coming up with recipes that I want to try …. HELP!!!!

Definitely need to start on my brisk walking again ….
Remember dear self … No disciple no learning and so for myself, no exercising no weight lost hehehe 😛

Anyway, hope everyone is having lots of family fun with the kids during this holidays period 🙂



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