The 5th fall

November started with a ‘Bang’ for me. Accident can and will happen anytime and this time through my own negligent. Last night, around 9 pm, I switched on the washing machine but I forgot to put the hose into the toilet.  What happened next was to be expected I supposed … the water came out and flooded the kitchen floor. I realised too late what I had done and as I rushed into the kitchen, stepped onto the soapy water … whooshed I went flying and ‘BANG!” I landed on my back and hit my head on the floor.  My 5th fall within 3 years!  But this time was my worst experienced ever!

I had a ‘VERY BIG Egg’ at the back of my head and I had difficulty closing and opening my jaw.  I, myself, requested my husband to send me to the hospital because the pain was unbearable.  The funny thing was, as I fell and hit my head, my thoughts were my husband and kids must not rushed in … must not get themselves fall because of the wet floor and so as I called out to my husband and kids, telling them not to rushed in … that the floor was wet and slippery and then telling him not to carry me up cos at that time I was still trying to get my bearing back and dealing with the pain … I knew that if he tried to carry me both of us could fall off so not wanting another incident I told him to just hold me and let me calm down first.

Once I’m ready, then I started to give instruction to the kids on what to do and only then I let myself husband assisted me.

Alhamdulillah, we reached the hospital almost to 10 pm and I was able to see the doctor quickly. Luckily no concussion but doctor still ordered a CT scan for me because he said the “bump” was too big and worrying.  Did the CT scan and after an hour got the result. Alhamdulillah … with Allah’s mercy the skull was not fractured and no bleeding detected.  Still the doctor insisted I was to be warded in the EDTU for a 12 hrs observation.

Now, I’m back home and will be on mc till tomorrow. The swelling has reduced but still felt tender and my jaw is now slightly better, able to eat and chew but have to do it slowly. Body wise everything feels sore and tender.  Still I have a lot to thank Allah …. I am thankful to still be alive and thankful no concussion, no fractures and no bleeding in the head.

I am also thankful that my children works well in the emergency, they were very cooperative and shows their ability to lead and take orders. I could see my eldest automatically take charged and the younger ones following her lead.

I must remember to be more careful in future. I must always remember to put the hose into the toilet (my 2nd daughter said “Ibu, you don’t switch on the washing machine anymore, let us do it”) 🙂

I never thought I could do stunt like that … and it’s not just once but twice I had my body “flew” off the floor. This recent incident beats the rest of it. Truly, I won’t be able to forget it so soon and I am getting more phobia about falling now huhu ….



2 thoughts on “The 5th fall

  1. Allahu Yashfik busu.Hati2 ya lenkali.You know same thing happened too sometime ago n flooded quarter of kitchen.Because it was close to the bathrm n ada lobang kecil ke situ air ngalir ke arah situ.But still…dangerous gak kan.Rehat bebaik n get well soon ok.Boleh harap all yr anak daras now 🙂

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