Life and motherhood

I watched a video today that makes my heart go soft and melting like hot chocolate. It’s a beautiful video about love of a mother. Kudos to the producer and writer for show casing an emotional clip.

After watching the video, I decided to write my thoughts in my blog here. This is what I am thinking right now.

I have never regarded myself as motherhood material type of person. I think I lack the servitude that some people have towards their children. I do not and have never thought that I live and breathe for my children. But what I do know is that I strive to do my best with them even though many times they do no turn out to be what I hope them to be but nevertheless I do not give up on them and I continue to do my best for them in my own ways.

Part of the reason why I have these blogs, the partial reason is for them. Right now they are not keen to read what I wrote but I know one day, when I am out of sight, they will come to appreciate reading some of my posts, especially those written about them. That is what I hope …… hoping these posts will bring comfort, smile and the kind of “chocolaty” emotions to them. I hope when they miss me, reading my posts will bring me close to them. I hope they will learn and be reminded of life lessons through some of my posts.

Life is … how do I say? Complex? Changeable? Unique? … hmmm can’t decide on a word really!

But what I have seen is that life, is like a cycle. As a child, the focus is more on physical needs, as a teenager it becomes a world of wants and needs both physical and emotional, then as a young adult, it’s about life partners, careers, family of our own, financial security etc. Only when you reach mid-adult age, such as 40s then your perception change to treasuring the timeline of your pasts, you begin to look at your parents differently, begin to be more aware of them, treasure them, no longer too concern about wants and needs of personal desires but more to need to bond with extended family members.

So now that I am writing this down, I think life is a ‘beauty’ and since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so each of us will look at different sights of things to define our own beauty of what life can be and will bring us.

Motherhood is a beauty and it holds a special place in every one of us. I missed my mother and I am grateful that I had her for 18 years of my life. I could not have asked for a better mother than her. I guessed I can be considered as a lucky person to have her for 18 years and not 8 years or 8 months. She left me well-equipped to learn to fend for myself. Syukran Ya Rabb! For the generosity you’ve given to me. Alhamdulillah!

How long will my children have me? No one can tell.

I just hope like me, they will be well-equip emotionally when the times come.



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