An impromptu request …

Few more days and its bye-bye to October and An-nyeong November!

My eldest daughter is looking forward to November and December.

Just now while on my way back from work, she called and requested Black Pepper Spaghetti for her to bring to work tomorrow. So in the mood to be an obliging mum, I conplied hehee…

To save time and not wanting to wake up too early … I cooked it just now, cooled it and now it’s ready to go into the fridge.

All she has to do tomorrow, is to heat it up in the microwave 😉

Ever since she started her IAP, she has been requesting many home-cooked meal for her to bring to work. She said the foods sold at her workplace are not cheap and she wanted to save money.  The times when I did not cooked, she will then just bought either breads or cup noodles to work.  So to obliged her, I have been cooking more often the past two months. It’s tiring indeed, cos I had to woke up waay earlier than usual but its satisfying to see my gal enjoying her packed foods.  So mother has been feeling more tired than normal and I believe with the haze situations on and off affecting all of us, I have been feeling off-peak a couple of times. Alhamdulillah though that these off-peak moments did not take a very serious turn nor lasts too long.

Tomorrow another busy day awaits …. I’m counting down to November and December myself, looking forward to the in-between short holidays that has been plan 🙂



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