Her exit

21st Oct 2015 …. A day to mark her exit from being Chairman of Project from the ITE College West Student Council. While I attended her investiture ceremony into Student Council last year, this time round I did not attend the exit ceremony. Still as a mother, I am very happy and proud of my daughter for successfully completing her term as Chairman of Project. She had done a great job being the Chairman of Project and the learning lessons throughout the journey itself had cultivated and instilled in her values that will not only benefit her but those around her.  Congratulations N. H.!

Ibu looking forward to your finishing the IAP which will be soon and looking forward to your graduation from ITE and the begin of your next lap towards academic excellence. Insya’ALLAH! Aamiin aamiin Ya Rabb!



The medal she received …

Dear child, your Ibu only hope all of you will be successful not just in this world but in the hereafter as well. Not just in academic excellence but in character excellence as well. No need to be rank high or receive many medals …. it is what you do that will be of an impact to yourself and others that matters so bear that in mind.  Be kind, be generous, be humble, remember filial piety and always seek out Allah both in times of good and bad.  Life is a journey, so remember to strive for a good and safe journey towards akhirah.



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