Quote of the day

I love this quote:

“What has reached you was never meant to miss you, and what has missed you was never meant to reach you” – Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

How many times have we find this to be true? When we think there’s no chance, or impossible, it happened. When we think it could happen but it did not. So never fret, if it’s meant to be, it will be. But of course, that does not mean that you do not make effort to reach out or work towards your goal. Its just that we have to always remember that after every effort, we just need to pray and hope for the best. No need to worry and just let it be. The results will be as what is meant for us. Faith is the key here.

So the chalet that we thought we missed the chance to get, somehow Allah has made it possible for us yesterday. Alhamdulillah 🙂

The family chat was busy yesterday, buzzzing almost non-stop with the excitement hahaha…

On another note, a friend lost his baby girl just after 3 hours of birth. Al-fatehah!

A test and a reward for both parent. A baby born and raise in Jannah … Alhamdulillah! The promise of Allah is always true so be patience and steadfast, look forward to the reunion with the loved ones soon.

One can look at such situation differently, there will be others who look at it as something sad and depressing but those who believe knows that all the things in this world, including our children are just a loan to us, they do no belong to us in the first place, we do not belong to our parents in the first place ….. All of us belong to Him! He decrees whom He wants to loan to us.

I am happy though to hear that my friend and his wife, they are coping and have gotten over it. That’s the true spirit of faith … for those still walking on this earth, there are missions for each of us to do and to accomplish. Focus on that and look forward to the reunion that will happen in future, with faith and sabr. Always remember, Allah will only tests us on what we can cope and nothing more than that!



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