School holidays

The final school vacation for the year is coming soon … Its happy moments for the kids but for me it can be quite a headache cos the kids need to be occupied and they expect a wee bit of real vacation outing.

Initially the plans were already made and set … During the Eid, when the whole extended family met, we discussed and agreed on booking a chalet but that falls apart recently due to delay on the one who’s suppose to monitor and book the chalet.  

Then the initial plan to go to Bandung oso falls apart due to work commitment by my BIL.

Really, we humans plan but God decrees, ‘Manusia merancang tapi Tuhan menentukan’. 

That said, I decided to just plan for my own family since its easier to do so …. So since yesterday have been brainstorming of places to go and finally after a mini family discussion with my gals while having our dinner last nigt,  we decided to just stay put in the country and go to USS. Afterall, two of the gals will be going to Cambodia and Malaysia with their school in Nov/Dec.

It will be easier for hubby as well cos he will not need to take leave. Can save the leave for next year … Perhaps by then we can finally go for a family vacation to either Bandung or Langkawi. Insya’Allah!

I need to save up as well … Have plans of my own but not sure if it can be fulfill. Oh well! Just dream of it first and whenever possible save for it. If its meant to be it will be.



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