The graveyard keepers

Last Sunday, I met 2 old “pakcik” (uncle) as we called them in Malay for a man who is older. The first pakcik is a man whom I had hired to remake my FIL’s grave. An honest and frank speaking man … he had done a good service not just on FIL’s grave but also on 3 other family members’s graves which included my parents. In fact, pakcik B, was the one who accompanied me during the fasting month as I sat alone at the pavilion waiting for a relative to be buried. It was nice and comfortable to talk to him … our topics of conversation always have beautiful gems in them, I learnt a lot from him.

So we met him and chat for a while …. then we asked him for help to call another pakcik (his older brother), to assist us in clearing the graves of hubby’s grandmother. This pakcik has the grass cutting machine so it made the clearing job easier and faster plus we knew that these 2 pakciks are daily rated workers depending on visitors to the graveyard to hire them so that they can earn a living. Not much of an education they have but they are hard workers and resilient. With their unpredictable salary, with God’s grace, they were able to provide for their family and educate their children to tertiary level. Remarkable people!

So whenever we could, we would hire them cos its a win-win situation … they help us and we help them and in-between these, a camaraderie is develop between us 🙂
They do not have a fix fee …. they would do the job and it’s up to you to give whatever amount you want.

May Allah bless them both with good health and enable them to continue their service in keeping the graveyard clean and tidy.



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