Hurray! It’s over…

Alhamdulillah, final exams are finally over for the gals. It’s the last paper for the youngest and no school days till Monday for the middle gal. The youngest gal will have her no school days starting tomorrow.

So now it’s just waiting period for the results which normally will be out by next week and report books will be given out by end of this month. After which the gals will get to enjoy 2 months of vacation…. hahahaa I missed the school days hmm more apt to say I missed the school vacations 😉

Another thing to rejoice …. For me that is … I have finally finished the memory project phase 1 … So happy with the end product … Hubby has been showing off to our guests which came over to our abode last weekend. They saw the photobooks and asking me to do a copy for them. Insya’Allah …. But they have to wait in line and it won’t be soon cos I have to wait when there are good discounts before I will proceed.

Here’s a preview:

The 3 photobooks …. our wedding photobook, kids and past memories.

Cover page for the kiddos …

Front cover of the past memories, a picture of hubby’s old kampung house
and below is the back cover, a picture of my old house at Bedok South.


The next phase II, insya’Allah will start soon 😉


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