Received news informing us about the demise of an ex-colleague, Cik Dollah (Abdullah Bin Chik). It was rather shocking for me cos just few month ago I had talked to him over the phone. After his retirement, he used to call me a couple of times a year and we would chat for a few minutes updating each other on our well-being.

We were told he died two days before the Hari Raya Fitri from sudden heart attack. We were informed only because HRD actually contacted him via email to invite him to attend our staff lunch. If it’s not due to that, I think none of us would have known of his death.

Allahyarham Cik Dollah was a jovial man … while still in service with us, we used to sit for lunch together at the canteen … he was one of our ‘lunch kakis’.

He used to tease me saying that I was like a teacher and should have become one and he used to be the one who would make all of us laugh while having lunch πŸ™‚

Cik … you’ll always be remembered and in our prayers, insya’Allah!

Semoga roh mu dicucuri rahmat Allah s.w.t.

Aamiin …



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