A friend was slandered today and she shared with us her experience and feelings on it. I feel sad for her cos I had so many first hand experiences of being slandered by irresponsible people.

My friend even told me that now she understood how I felt when I was being slandered. So sad really! I emphathise with her and how I wish she was spared from feeling how I felt. Still I believe she will recovers soon and perhaps better and faster than I did cos I know her as a person with a strong character and most of all, she is a person who is less emotional than I am … she is very practical and often I have seen her putting aside matters of the heart in a practical manners. So hang in there and I am sure you will be fine after today πŸ™‚

I am sure she will not be suffering like me … scarred emotionally till today. I have to admit that I do not trust other people so easily anymore. I have learnt to be beware and less trusting towards others. Sometimes I feel that I could not easily give away my affection towards others anymore. The only category of humans that I have no compulsion in giving away my affection without any reservation is children. This group of humans I am not able to deny πŸ˜‰

I sure hope there won’t be anymore slandering cases …. for me and for the people around me.



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