Monday, 28th Sept

The last Monday of the month …

I went visiting my aunt who was warded at SGH. Could not go on Sunday so yesterday I went instead.

Reached the ward around 1.20 pm … She was asleep and so was her maid. I chose not to woke any of them up cos I believe they need their rest.

My aunt look so peaceful and childlike as she slept. I spent more than 15 minutes just looking and gazing at her. Took time to stroke her hand. The skin is wrinkled with age but so soft …. Her being my late mother’s sister, I wondered if my late mom’s skin would have felt like hers should my mom still be alive till today. Both of them are fair-skin ladies …. and every time I visit my aunt (which is not often at all, sad to say), I always feel like I am seeing my late mom again.  Mak Ngah woke up a bit, just for a few seconds before she fell asleep again. The nurse said it could be because of the medicine. I chat with the maid for a couple of minutes and by 2 pm I went back home.

Mak Ngah, hope you have a speedy recovery and will be back home soon. ❤

Hope to visit her soon again …..

Yesterday haze was bad again …. but Alhamdulillah towards 6 pm it started to rain very very heavily.

Today, I’m back to work and my youngest kids are having their first day of the final year examination. May Allah make it a breeze for them to do well in their exams. Aamiin…



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