Inside Out

I had migraine last night … perhaps too heaty after eating all those muttons 😉

My 2nd daughter was saying it’s cos I was thinking a lot and my eldest said lack of sleep….. either way the migraine strikes and so I had no choice but to bear with it last night. Alhamdulillah woke up this morning and it’s gone now.

At times, the head feels like I have many characters in my head … similar to those in the movie “Inside Out”…. hahaha… that would be funny if that really happens … 🙂

But I think there are some truth to that movie … how sometimes we debate and talk to ourselves, you know like you have so many personalities within you and the strongest one will always win and your actions will based on that.

I always tell myself … “Be still my heart!” …. when things gets tough for me … that would be what I tell myself again and again …. until now I have come to a point that sometimes I am afraid to say or do anything less it becomes a trigger for something bad to happen … again and again.

A habit or a character that has been within you for over 40 years …. it’s difficult to change overnight and now it takes stubbornness and a strong head and heart to control what need to be change. No wonder there’s a saying that if I remembered correctly, said that after 40 years of age, it’s difficult for someone to change. How true!

I see myself as a complex person …. how I wish I can be simple in my thinking …. I envy those who takes life in a calm manner and who tackles adversity in a non-judgmental view.

Inside out …. the world within sometimes just could not be seen by the physical eyes …. a more complex world of its own … inside out, be still for a day could you please? Let me be calm and restful for a day please ….



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