Sweet moments

Food Sweet Moment :

It’s that time of the year again in which my liking for mooncake can be fulfilled 🙂

We bought a box of snowskin mooncake … With durian, black sesame and chocolate fillings, 9 pieces in total. Within 2 days it’s gone …. Down our throats and into our tummies hahahaa…

My whole family love mooncakes 😉

Alhamdulillah craving fulfilled.

Toy Sweet Moment :

I’m a BIG fan of the Korean variety show, ‘Running Man’. In a few of their episodes, they showed this toy called The Pirate and played with it … It looked so much fun! They even had it made in a gigantic size.

I thought this would be a fun toy to play with the kids…. It’s a game suitable for all ages and so I ordered from Taobao …. Cost less than $10.

Here it is 😉

We have already started to play with it and we are going to bring it along during the family vacation in Dec.

Memory Sweet Moment:

In the midst of doing another memory project …. as I look over the old photos that starts from the period 1950s to the present, emotions overwhelmed me over and over again.  I simply love my parents and missed them so! In fact, I commented to my husband who is assisting me with some of the details of the old photos, that as I looked at my FIL’s photos, I sort of missed him too!

I love looking at the now yellowish photos of my sisters, taken when they were young, the black and white photos of my late parents and my husband’s grandparents and relatives. So nostalgic!

Showed my kids the photos and they had fun commenting on them … .especially my eldest who simply just love to tease me about how ‘weird’ I look as a kid hehee… 🙂

My husband favourite sentence was “abang kurus seh … ” hahahaa….

This is one of the job hazard that I like and don’t mind doing …. doing research, scanning of old photos, hearing the stories behind some of the old photos … all these makes me happy and kind of enrich my outlook on life. You just can’t help but appreciate how life evolves and how we are all affected by history.

I should perhaps consider working with the archives department hahahaa…. 😉

My target to finish the family album by end of this year …. hopefully I will be able to meet the target. For now I’m in the midst of scanning the photos and putting them together into the online photo album …. and only after all these are done will I send them for printing.

My motto for archival has always been to have both hardcopy and softcopy versions at hand…. each will work as a backup for the other 😉



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