New borns

Alhamdulillah … It’s definitely a blessings whenever I received news of birth.

Yesterday, a pair of twin was born to  our cousin’s family … One boy and one girl.  I was shown photos of the newly born siblings and my heart just melt looking at their beautiful and super cute faces 😄 

Congratulations to the new parent and congratulations to kak Umamah for gaining a 2nd and 3rd grandchildren in one go … hahaaa she’s catching up in numbers of grandchildren now … Already on par with her eldest brother, abg Amin 😉

Congratulations too to my dear Mak Bam for gaining her 6th and 7th cicit …. Alhamdulillah dan insya’Allah bertambah ceria dan bahagia keluarga besar ini 💓

On my part, just knowing such happy news … I’m happy as a lark and I feel that today will be a good day … Insya’Allah hahaaa … Simply happy and smiling like nobody business now 😄😄😄

Hope the sky gets better today (from the smoke) and life goes smoothly for everyone ya!




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