Alhamdulillah, my eldest daughter has successfully finished her first half of her internship at TGBTB. Today is the beginning of her other half with another department.  She had thoroughly enjoyed her stint with her first dept. and made new friends that has somehow enriched her outlook on working life.  Now she is looking forward to learning new skills and meeting new colleagues.

As usual, whenever she knows I’m able to, she would ask me to cook and pack food for her. So for today, I just cooked instant green fried rice for her.

As a working mother, simplicity and fast to cook food works the best for me hahahaa… πŸ˜‰

Thanks to this newly discovered “Sambal Hijau” (Spicy green sauce), I was able to cook the fried rice within 10 mins.  This sauce can also be eaten with plain white rice or with ‘ulam’ (salad) such as cucumbers, greens, tomatoes etc. Just dip the vegetables in the sauce and hmmm yumss!!!

The ‘sambal hijau’ is truly delicious!

I used the whole bottle to fry the rice (enough for cooking 3 cups of rice).  Just need to slice 1 big onions thinly, fry it with some anchovies, add the sauce, add salt to taste (just a bit since the sauce has salt in it) and mix the rice. Voila! Done! πŸ™‚

PS: The Hajj season is here … May all the pilgrims be given ease on their holy journey and May Allah s.w.t. bestow upon all of them “haji mabrur”.  It was sad to hear of the recent incident that happened in Mecca but death and accidents can happen anywhere and everywhere.  Life goes on and I am sure those who died, they death will be one that are full of blessings! Our prayers are with them and their family members.  For those fasting the next 10 days, may Allah except the deeds and bestow blessings on everyone.  Aamiin …


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