It’s never easy to say goodbye … So I’d rather say ‘au revoir’ instead.

Yesterday, we said farewell to a friend and colleague of 13 years. Even as I felt sad at her going, I pray that she will have success at her future endeavors. All the best Clarice! 😘

I made a photobook of her journey while with us and she was so happy to receive it that she cried! The rest of the colleagues were also happy to view the photobook for it brought back lots of memories … Another colleague even requested that I made one for her when she resign … 😓.  …. I did not know whether to laugh or cry at the thought. Cos it will mean losing another friend.

Anyway, I told that particular colleague…. “Sure…. Make sure you take lots of photos cos as long as I have enough materials to work with, I will do it!” 😉

I had already prepared one for my RO for her upcoming birthday. Hope she will like it too!

Anyway, back to saying farewell…. It’s sad but life still goes on … The one who left will start a new journey, meeting new friends and learning something new. While the ones left behind, will continue doing their routine jobs and in time when new staff join will made new friends. Such is life, be it sadness or happiness… Nothing lasts forever!

Even when one parts due to death, time will help to heal and after a while life moves on. 

Even when you feel bitter, angry or traumatised by life’s trials or tribulations….. After a while you will realised that it gets better with time and that people do not wait for you or care enough about you to linger too long on such emotions. 

Where there’s birth, there will be death. 

Where there’s meeting, there will be parting.

We are all on borrowed time …. So make the most of it!



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