The shared years ….

Alhamdulillah … today marks our 22nd wedding anniversary.

Looks like we have come a long way indeed! …. Over twenty years together …. from the shaky beginning to a firm one, then the ups and downs, then back to being more stable …. all these we have gone through and pull through and more!

Reflecting on the past years …. the keyword to a long and stable relationship is work.

To have a relationship going … it requires both parties to work … work towards understanding one another, work towards being kind, work towards loving and empathy with one another, work towards being unselfish, work towards sustaining harmony within the family … etc.

It’s really work and a lifelong one …..

May Allah s.w.t. bestow upon us many more years together …. keep us healthy and allow us to work together to keep the family in harmony and be good parents to our children. Aamiin…

PS: Thanks Kak Yam and the rest of the family members for all your du’as and wishes (very early this morning .. hehee)

May the same du’as be given to you and more! Aamiin… ❤


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