I like being a mentor …. I derived a certain satisfaction and joy in the role of a mentor. I love to see how others “bloom” or gain new knowledge as I share with them my experience and knowledge.

As a mentor, I’m also learning. It’s a two-way traffic…. Indeed I always find that as I teach/share with others, indirectly I will find something new to learn … New knowledge and new awareness. It’s simply awesome!

Today, I was told to prepare to teach both upcoming classes and I was agreeable to do so but I was also determined to make sure my mentee was able to pull off her dry run. I was confident that she could do it, if given enough time to practice. So I suggested she did an informal one with me before the actual dry run.

Alhamdulillah … She did very well. Just need to practice a bit more but I’m happy to see her getting the hang of it and with that knowledge, I suggested to my management to allow her to do both classes (instead of me) and allowing me to be her assistant. This will allow her to have more confident and practice for future class. Management agreed 😊

It’s really good to see how our effort are paying off.  All I can say is that I am so very thankful myself to my mentors who had and (they) continue to groom me in my work. Their generosity in sharing and good mentoring skills has taught me  on how to be a mentor myself.

Thank you and may all of us continue to work as a team to reach our common goals.




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