The little things ….

My eldest daughter suffered from Achilles Heels about a week ago… Now her foot has almost recovered and two days ago, when the swollen had subsided, she happily exclaimed “Ibu… I can see my veins… Finally!” 😊

I smiled when I heard her and it made me reflects how often we take for granted the things we have …. Such as our body….you know, how we never really bother to observe the beautiful veins that runs like wires through the body, how important they are cos they help to supply the blood to our major organs so that we can function smoothly.

Similarly, the little things that others do for us, usually would go unnoticed by us….especially the people closest to us. 

I went to a wedding last Saturday with my 2nd sister and her husband. Somehow that day, I noticed how lovingly my sister treated me. She made sure I had prawns that were already peeled and ate those desserts that she knew were my favorite.  She also made sure that I board the correct bus to go home.

These gestures, seemed small and natural from a sister to another sister but it would have gone unnoticed by me had I decided to just accept them and take them for granted.  Alhamdulillah, I’m glad to be able to notice them cos it made me feel loved and appreciated the fact that I have loving sisters.

Alhamdulillah and many thanks to my late mother (May Allah bless her soul), who had put lots of efforts to ensure that all four of us value our sisterhood. Even her last words to me were to preserve and care for each other cos she reminded that there were only four of us ….and to her that’s not a lot so she reminded us to always support each other and keep the ties among us strong and solid.

It is true that as siblings we do have our differences and we do quarrel among each other but I’m glad to say that we never lets all these to strain our relationship for long. 

A plus point would also be because my eldest sister has remained to be ‘the glue’ that binds us all. We all looked up to her and respect her very much. After our mother passed away, it became natural that our eldest sister took the role of a ‘mother’ to us. 

We never expected our eldest to be firm or decisive in all matters, in fact lots of times, it would be my eldest who consulted us but nevertheless we always give her the respect and love due to her being the eldest. 

These little considerations and the fact that we should never take relationships and things around us for granted can make one be aware and value the little things in life that may not be little in fact….cos they could be the ones that actually helps us ‘big time’ in our everyday life unknowingly.



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