I had my share of moments and moments to me, are like the fillings that fill up what we called “life”.

This whole week …. starting from last weekend, I had the opportunity to bask myself in moments that are calm, soothing, exciting (thanks to my visit to the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest); and experiencing a first-time moment of thrill at touching an elephant’s snout while exploring the zoo and taking the boat rides at the River Safari.

These are happy moments and I am indeed grateful.

And within such happy moments, in-between I had moments of pain, anxiety and angry moments.

For the pain, it’s more to do with my physical body, the anxiety and anger came from my children.

Such is life …. the fillings of life can be so unpredictable and can be a mixture of both negative and positive vibes.

To the positive moments, I try to savour them in my mind as long as I could for they can act as a balm to the soul when it is hurting most.

To the negative moments, I try my best to dispose them from my mind as soon as I can cos I know if I let them stay too long in the brain, it became a memory that will harm my physical being.

For now, hoping the body pain will go away soon and savour and be thankful for even the tiniest positive moments that makes me smile even if the smile just appears from my eyes 🙂



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