SG50 Jubilee Celebration

It’s August!!!
This weekend, the whole of our nation is celebration the SG50 Jubilee Celebration. Yeayyy!! I’m excited and happy and grateful that upon reaching 50 years of independence, our little dot, is still peaceful and have no major issues within our multi-racial society.

It’s not all rosy of course but nevertheless, there’s so many things to be grateful and feeling blessed. Happy Birthday Singapore! Happy 50th Jubilee and many more years, insya’Allah!

On 25th July 2015, I was fortunate to be able to see the gala screening of “7 Letters”, a movie that consists 7 short stories by 7 directors at the Capitol Theatre. After 17 years, the Capitol Theatre was finally re-opened to the public and looked so beautiful! It was my first time stepping into the theatre but for my husband, it was a re-visit and brought back a lot of memories from the past 😉

I have to say that the 7 directors of 7 Letters has done a very good job, I simply enjoyed each of the short stories … there were a few that became my favourites and struck a chord in my heart …. definitely very memorable and among the viewers that day, our family was the only Malays in the theatre hahaha…. I think it;s because the rest were busy celebrating the Eid 😉

This week, starting from Thursday, there will be a mini celebration in the campus to celebrate our national day and 7th August, the President of Singapore had declared a public holiday for all! Yeayyy!!!!

Many events and many places has been placed in line so that we, Singaporean, can go to be part of the 50th celebration.

Definitely looking forward to the long weekend and already planning where to go to catch and be part of the celebrations!

Here’s to Singapore!!! Majulah Singapura!!!


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