In my own world

If I am given the ability to wish for things that do not include material gains, this is what I would wish for myself.

I would wish to be alone just in my own world …. do what I love and want to do without being scrutinise …. not having a care about how others feels …. not having to hear about things or about people I have no affinity with …. having only short-term memory and just be at peace with myself without other people intruding that peace within me.

I’m definitely just a human being and as I have feelings just like any other person, so do I have my weaknesses but do not make my effort to protect myself becomes an issue of who is bad and who is not …. words said are not always the truth and smiles shown are not always sincere. Even well meaning intention and gesture can have the opposite effect, these I know so well with so many past experiences and back-stabbing seems to be the norm when people are faced with either defending or protecting themselves.

Definitely I am no actor material … I can’t pretend nor act to the whims of society that well … definitely not to the required standards.

So please just leave me to my own world …. As I try my best to remind myself to be still and do no harm to others, I pray that others will also leave me alone and harm me no more.



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