Back to ????

Okay … It’s Monday and it’s back to work … to the routine life that I know … hopefully! 😉

After 2 days of Eid’s visitation, I’m ready to call it a day! I have no stamina for more visits at all …. well perhaps will make way for another 2 more visits to my two nephew’s abode which will be sometime next week or so. We’ll see how …

Yesterday, my eldest daughter joined us in the Eid’s visitation …. like she said “Finallly!!!!” …. hahahaa…. she was not able to join us previously because she was working at the Garden by the Bay. July 13th, was the start of her school attachment assignment and she was assigned to work for 4 months over at the garden. Husband was also able to join us right after he ended his shift.

We also had 2 family coming over to our abode and yesterday I “play cheat” a bit … I did not do any cooking but instead I bought seafood noodles for our visitors.

This weekend more will be coming down so insya’Allah will be cooking though I’ve yet to decide on the menu 😉

Over at the office, more work awaits. User education classes will begin soon and I will need to prepare myself for it. This week I will also be away on a 3 days course and towards the end of the month, there will be a staff retreat and our DD’s sharing session. July and August schedule are already full to the max. September will be doing a book cum artifact display on the Malay language and culture. Looks like will only be able to breathe easier when October comes along 😉

Alhamdulillah …. I prefer being busy than not. So no complain at all. It’s good to be productive!



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