Down memory lane – The past and present

First and foremost … Eid Mubarak everyone!

This year marks the 2nd year in which my family only started our Eid visitation on the 2nd day of Eid instead of the 1st day.

My kids and I, spent the first day catching up on our sleep and a much needed rest, it was especially good since it rained on that day.

On the 2nd day, we finally began our Eid’s visitation to our extended family houses.

This year was also our 2nd year, in which, we hired a mini bus (including the driver) to drive us to our destinations. All in all we managed to go to 8 houses within 10 hours.

The third house was to my uncle and aunt in Kallang Bahru. My uncle looked so thin and aged but I was happy to see my aunt in good health and chirpy. They had anticipated our arrival and prepared curry chicken for us. My uncle had even bought a packet of cigarette just for my husband since he knew that husband is a smoker. Unfortunately, my husband could not come along with us as he had to work. So my uncle asked me to pass the cigarette to him. When I told my husband, he was touched by the gesture for it showed how much my uncle remembered my husband.

The fifth house we went was to visit my late mother’s eldest sister.  I was happy and glad to see my Mak Ngah looking healthy even though she’s no longer able to be mobile and that she had difficulty remembering people.  Just looking at her and teasing her by asking her if she knew who we were made me feel glad that she’s still around for us to visit. She’s one of the few elderlies that we still have left and seeing them brought comfort to me for they never failed to make me feel close to my late parents whenever I see them. May Allah bless them! Aamiin…

The seventh house we went was to a cousin house in Tampines, technically, we are not blood-related but we are bonded by the fact that my late mother and her father were adopted siblings.  We are bonded because my late mother used to care for her and her siblings while they were young (similar to being a nanny to them) and in fact when this cousin of mine gave birth to her son, she gave birth at our house and my late mother cared for her till she’s ready to be on her own. In fact, my cousin shared with us just now that even though she used to have her own mother but till now she said its not the same with my mother. She could not forget my mother …. every week she would send prayers to my late mother. Alhamdulillah! I am very sure my mother are happy to receive the prayers from her and that May Allah s.w.t. rewards this cousin manifold for her kindness. Aamiin…

My mother was indeed a kind soul! She would never refused anyone’s call for help if she could help it.  Her kindness and patience were the characters that made many people liking her and respecting her. There were people who took advantaged of it but most of the time she would just be forgiving and let them be.  Yet, I could remember her being bullied for too long by the same people and to these people, there came a day in which she decided it’s best to break away. By doing so, my mother saved herself from many continuous heartaches and she began to live her life more peacefully. She once shared with us that she had never regretted cutting herself off from these people.

Now, upon reflecting, I supposed I am my mother’s daughter! At the same age as my mother, I am now doing the same thing as she did … and I have to admit, I am indeed more peaceful these days. I have no regrets to my decision and even though there will always be people who will condemn me for my actions, I still have no regrets.  People will judge others no matter what …. Social expectations need not be the only rule we must adhere to … empathy will only be given to those who wears the same or similar shoes …. life can be simple if only we knew what works for us and what nots.

The first part of our Eid’s celebrations ended around 10 pm yesterday …. Looking forward to more visits and also to the guests that will be coming to our humble abode.





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