Reaching the end

Less than 10 days more to go … almost reaching the end of the holy month of Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah and feeling sad as well.

What I realise as the days goes by is that in Ramadhan, the ritual of fasting, praying and acting acts of obedience to Allah s.w.t. will either get easier or harder for some of us. (uh huh! it gets harder for me!)

The days are like the sieve that will show who will last in their endeavour to improve and increase their spiritual connections to the Almighty!

At the beginning of Ramadhan …. majority of the muslims would be most excited and looking forward to it. The early days of Ramadhan will see many going to the mosque, reciting the Quran and doing other acts of obedience.

Then came the mid of Ramadhan … the tests begins.

It became harder for some to wake up for Suhoor, to wake up for night prayers and even to fast. Besides fighting the trials from the weakening of the physical being, the temptations from thinking/doing preparations for the coming Eid will come forth, preventing many from pursuing the true essence of Ramadhan.

Here, what I can see, especially from myself, is the need to fight these distractions and keep striving to focus on the initial goals that one has for Ramadhan.

The true and faithful servants can be seen emerging amongst the ummah (not by our eyes of course, but by the Almighty) …. the real and the wannabes will be known by Allah s.w.t.

I pray that Allah give me the strength to continue (even if it’s little) what I have intended to do. I definitely can’t do it without His help and guidance.

We have to indeed keep monitoring ourselves …

“Beware of the curve…First 10 nights you go all out; second 10 you die out.” (unknown)

Faith … it comes and goes, up and down, so beware and monitor ourselves.

Another reminder for myself and I thanked the sister who wrote and share this quote:

“Who are we to wish for Paradise? It will be enough if God spares us His wrath.”

Wise words indeed!


PS: I’m glad and happy to see my eldest girl, on her own accord, referred to my recipes at my blog and prepared foods for our family iftar last week. Looking forward to taste more of her cooking in the future … and that of course depends on her mood hahaaa… 😛


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