Iftar cum 13th celebration

Alhamdulillah … Yesterday night marked the first big family iftar (breaking fast) together and celebration of my youngest 13th birthday! 🙂

The array of foods …. Top : Pau Sambal, Roti Kirai
Bottom : Salad, Home-made Corn-dog, Home-made donuts

Top: Shepherd’s pie, Murtabak,
Bottom: Bananas

Sitting and waiting for the “azan” before we start with our breaking fast session.

After the iftar session, after 8 pm, we had the cake cutting for my maknae. Everyone enjoyed the hazelnut chocolate cake from Primadeli. As usual, my eldest niece was appointed as the cake cutter to distribute it among us … Thank you Aishah! ❤

Family foto with 2 of my little grandniece and grandnephew 😉

Afterwards, as we continue to chit-chat and I had done my duty of distributing the balance foods for all of us, I came out with my goodies bag 😉

As I mentioned before, this will be my 2nd year giving out Hari Raya “ang pow” (duit raya) in Ramadhan instead of in Syawal itself. So for this year, I had planned a little gift as well as the ang pow for my younger family members.  Each of them will either receive a foldable pencil case or a coin box and inside each gift, there will be the “duit raya” envelopes.

I’m just happy that everyone was so happy and delighted with the gifts … my 3rd sister even wanted me to order for her but unfortunately it won’t be in time for Eid so she postpone the idea. I had fun in planning the gifts and its a big reward to me to see how happy they were to receive them.  Alhamdulillah Ya Rabb! for the opportunity given to me. Syukran!

Top : Multi-colours foldable pencil case
Bottom : Cute coin boxes

It was almost 10 pm when the last guests departed.

Thank you everyone for making time to come …. God’s willing, we will be able to do so again next year, insya’Allah!



2 thoughts on “Iftar cum 13th celebration

  1. Happy Birthday Wafa.I guessed right! I remember Wafa’s birthday is not far from my boys’.Hehee.So meriah with so many lovely people.We had one last nite as well but not as many la hee since sibling tak ramai but delightful all the same.Looking at those foods! Macam bazaar ramadhan..sedap2!

    • Tenkiu Cik Sriberri 😘
      Alhamdulillah rezki bulan puasa sri dan awaknya lagi best bab masakkan dari ibu/nyai … Lagi gerek I’m sure 😉

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