Mother – Queen of our heart!

If wishes can come true so easily …. then I would have wish that my mother could come back home for every Ramadhan.

To be able to see her, eat her home cook foods, lying on her lap as I take a nap and feeling her gently caressing my hair.

I miss her! Period!

My mother is the one person who was my pillar of strength in my younger days.

Somehow during Ramadhan the longing becomes more intense and deep.

Yesterday night, my eldest daughter said this to me at the end of our conversation …. “Because you are a Mother!”. Wham! The impact can be felt. The word “Mother” is a golden word. Somehow a mother is almost like a superperson whom everyone expects to do so many things. True right?

My mother used to don so many roles. A wife, mother, friend, neighbour, cook, cleaner, teacher, accountant, mediator, doctor and many more.

Maybe because of these diverse roles that my mother holds, her essence are always being missed.

Now, that I, myself am a mother. I missed the time when I was being pampered by her. Indeed the role of a child and a mother is so different. I supposed I am missing being a child myself … missed being pampered and loved by my mother.

Being the youngest, I was fortunate to be the most loved and pampered in the family. While my mother (in her younger days) was so strict and disciplinary with my 3 older sisters … with me, she was less and more amiable and loving. It could be because by the time I was born, she has started to age and so became mellow due to that. Whatever the reason, I am grateful for it.

Yup, I want to be my mother’s child again. I want my mother by my side again 😦

So for those who still have their mothers with them …. please do not take your mothers for granted. Love them and give them your attention as much as possible. For it is indeed a most precious gift to still have your mother around …. no matter even if your mother is someone who nags a lot, who scolds a lot, who make mistakes a lot … it does not matter. Her being a mother over rides all those. Remember that her love, care and sacrifices in taking care of you is something that you can never repay fully. Remember, for her your attention, your willingness to listen to her, to smile at her, to hug her, to call her even when you’re busy …. that is the most precious thing to her and that is what makes her most happy!

When I was younger and my mother was still around … I never realised this until there was a time in which I had gotten my first pay from my temporary job. I was 16 years old at that time. My mother and I, we were at Geylang and as we passed a shoe shop, my mother stopped. She looked over a pair of slippers and tried it out. Then she looked at the price and put back the slippers.

I asked her “Mak, you do not want to buy?”
She smiled and said “It’s ok.”
Then, I said to her, “Let’s buy, alright! I’ll pay.”
She looked and smiled so brightly at me and asked, “Really!”
I smiled back and said, “Yes, I have money so it’s ok to buy.”
We bought the slippers and right then and there she wore them.

I almost cried at that moment because I could not believe that my mother was so happy to receive that slippers from me … and you know what? The slippers only cost $5.

Just imagined, a $5 slippers had made my mother so happy then … of course I realised as I got older that it was not so much the cost that matters to her but it was her daughter’s gesture. She was so happy that her daughter bought it for her!

I’m sad that she was not able to live longer and be pampered by her children now. Just imagine if she’s alive now, how much loved and attention she would have gotten from her daughters, sons-in-law and grandchildren.

Well, on the bright side, she was able to meet 3 of her sons-in-law and my eldest brother-in-law simply loved her. He would always bring her out and treat her to good meals whenever it’s bonus time. He loved her so much and when she was sick and in hospital, he insisted we brought him there (even though he, himself was in critical condition due to his cancer).

In fact, these two loving beings, they both passed away within a few months from each other. So the year 1990, my family lost 2 of our most precious family members for I, too, loved my eldest brother-in-law very very much.

So if I could have a wish fulfill right now, I would want my mother next to me. For my mother will always be the Queen of my heart!

May Allah bless her soul and bless the souls of my father and brother-in-law. Aamiin….



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