Act of giving – A different take!

A sister in FB posted this :

‘When a person comes to us for help , it is simply because Allah knows we are actually the ones in dire need of the goodness that the deed holds.’ (unknown)

Love this quote for it gives a different perspective to the act of giving. Instead of always believing that when someone needs our help and how thankful we are to be able to help him/her and feeling pleased by our act of giving, we now come across a different and more humble scenario. That it is us (the giver) who should be thankful that he/she comes to us for help. That it is us who needs that act of giving more than the one who receive for the act of giving (the rewards) are what we need to fill what lacks in us. They coming to us is an opportunity given to us and we should be grateful for that opportunity. So give sincerely and regularly whenever we could. Do not wonder what becomes of our gift to the ones in need. Never wonder whether the ones who ask are real in terms of their needs and never expect any returns except for hoping that the Almighty is pleased with our act.

This quote really opens a new scenario of mindset and if we reflect deeply can help with burning up our ego, our pride and sins. Another point I need to remind myself again and again…..once given, keep quiet about it and never ever regret it.

There’s another 2 quotes about giving that I like and try to remember as often as I could.

“Give. Even when you know you can get nothing back.” (Yasmin Mogahed)

Yup. Give but never expect that we will get help from the same people we once give. Give without expecting any returns. Need not worry about the time when it’s our turn to seek out help. Allah s.w.t will send help via other ways and means (even via different people) … beyond our expectations sometimes. From my personal experience, this is so true!


“Give without remembering. Take without forgetting.” (Elizabeth E.)

It is always best to forget whatever good deeds we have done cos that will prevent arrogance in us and if we are the ones receiving, never forget to be thankful …. all these are keys to keep the diseases of the heart away from us. Insya’Allah!

One of the blessing of Ramadhan is that during this month, many people are usually more generous in giving for they knows the rewards given during this month are manifold. Alhamdulillah and hopefully the act many do during this month will spill over to the rest of the other months. Being consistent of what we do is also important. It’s okay to do little kindness but it goes a long way if we can make it as an act that is consistent throughout the years and always check our intentions.

As Mufti Ismail Menk said, “Do good deeds at the slightest opportunity in Ramadhan. The rewards are manifold. But beware the pride that comes with it. Keep it sincere.”

Ultimately I think the act of giving is about being sincere, generous, kind and training the heart to be humble. I know I have a long way to go 😦



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