Nuggets of gems – The head and the heart

These are nuggets of gems from Ust. Mizi. Wise words from a man many respected.

I decided to post some very important gems here as a reminder for myself. Humans are creatures of habits and we are also creatures that frequently need reminders.

Nugget 1:
Everything starts from the head (via our mind’s eye).

“It is not an accident that you came into this world head first.

Because if you want to quit drinking, you’ve got to do it in your head first, before you can do it with your body. If you decide to no longer be promiscuous, it starts in your head before your body will follow suit. If you’re deciding to get out of debt, it has to hit your head first before it hits your wallet. If you intend to lose weight, you’ve got to see yourself healthy and fit in your head first, before you can see changes happening to your body.

The way to see out a transformation is to have the ability to see it in your mind’s eye first. And then to put in the greatest effort, and the greatest energy, and the greatest amount of resources into that sweet spot where you can actually see the change manifest itself from within.” (Mizi Wahid)

When I read this I was like ..”WOW!!! How true!”. A simple example would be my recent attempt at losing my weight. So many times, people around me has been telling me the importance of exercise and losing weight but I had always ignored them. Why? Because in my head I still believe “I am still ok, as long as I’m healthy, being overweight does not matters”.

But then that One particular day happened and it’s like a waking call. With what I see, my mind and heart took a shocker and that started my journey to try and lose weight. It has been a rather difficult journey yet eye-opener to me. Alhamdulillah even though I still have yet to reach my idle weight but I am happy and thankful to be able to shed over 10 kg now. I may not look slim like in my younger days but I feel lighter and healthier and that has become my most precious reward.

Nugget 2:

“”God is with the broken-hearted. When your heart breaks, it’s a good thing – the breaking of the heart is what opens it up to the light of Allah. The dunya is designed to break your heart, so crush it.” ~ Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

We all go through disappointments, setback, and betrayal in life; things that we don’t quite understand.

Maybe you prayed for a loved one, but they never got well. Maybe you worked really hard for a job promotion, but it was given to somebody else. Or maybe you stayed faithful in a relationship, but ended up getting hurt in the end.

All these and more, amount to much of the heartaches that you are experiencing right now. And one of the best things that you can do today, is to release it.

If you go around wondering why things never worked out, all that’s going to do is to lead to more resentment, bitterness, and anger. And before long, you’ll be blaming others, blaming yourself, and maybe even blaming God.

You may not have understood it, you may think of it as unfair, but when you surrender your broken pieces to God, it becomes a courageous act of faith.” (Mizi Wahid)

Wise words. I’m trying here cos yes, my heart has been broken to many pieces so many times …. some I can remember vividly till today and then there are others when the memories has become fogey.  I like the fogey ones for it’s a sign that I have somehow move on.

In experiencing my own heart breaks, I realise that it is so much more easier to say/read all these words of encouragement than to act on it. Still, never despair. Keep trying and polishing the heart. One never knows what will come out of it! Have faith in Allah s.w.t. …. Talk and confide in Him, cry out to Him, so even if I were to talk and tell to 100 people, none would be able to solve my problems for me and none would truly understand and knows what’s best for me than my Creator!

I have said in my heart so many times that I forgive those who hurt and maligned me yet sometimes I wonder how true is my forgiveness if I can still remember vividly of what happened? Am I being a hypocrite? Perhaps that is the “real” problem … my heart and ego needs to learn to think less of what others do to me and more of what I do to others!

At times I console myself and said, I can’t change others but I can change myself and then I realised changing myself is the hardest thing to do and I have to believe in the change for me to be able to become the change. So heart and head has to be align together for the goal to be achieve.

As I debate within me …. one thing becomes clear …. forgiving others I do want to do that, for I, myself, have so many sins that need to be forgiven so who am I to be proud and not forgive others but at the same time, I am resolute in not placing myself in a position where the same people can hurt me again for to do so would be a foolish thing to do.

So right now, asking for forgiveness for myself and for others is a must and at the same time I have learn I must protect myself too (and one way to do so is to have less contacts) …. I know myself best, my heart is easily moved and when it has soften, that’s the most vulnerable time (open to hurts).  So as I can’t change others (how they think or act or even knowing their intentions), I have to learn to change myself (as a protection with the motto, do not do unto others what others do unto thee!)

Insya’Allah ….

To end this post, here’s another gem from Ust. Mizi …
“Sometimes, when events in our life keep repeating themselves, it is perhaps wiser to think, that maybe instead of changing our circumstances, God is more interested to see a change in us.”

Rabbi yassir wala tu’assir ….


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