Every time I read the news, the tears would form. Truly sad and I cannot imagine the hearts of the close family members of those died in Sabah.

It is true natural calamities and accidents can happen anytime and anywhere …. still when it happened close to home the impact is more I would say.

I have children and they too went for overseas school trips. I am indeed grateful that nothing happens to my own children and so my heart went out to the parents, spouses of the children and teachers of TKPS.

May Allah bless the souls of the Sabah earthquake victims and give strength and patience to the family members.

It’s getting too near for comfort, these natural disasters ….. and with end of the year coming in a few months, there’s likely more reports of natural disasters that will happen around the world especially during the monsoon seasons.

Tomorrow the PM has decreed “a Day of National Remembrance. State flags on all Government buildings will be flown at half-mast. One minute of silence will be observed at the beginning of the day at all SEA Games venues.”

Let’s all give our prayers to those who needs them ….


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