Dear Mak

Dear Mak,

It’s been sometime since I write with you in mind. I missed you!

Dear Mak, today your granddaughter N.H. received another award. I’m sure you would have been happy for your granddaughter’s milestone too if you were here with us.

Your granddaughters have a long way to go before they can be true muslimah but I have faith in Allah swt, that He has plans for them ….better ones than the ones I wish for them as a mother.  Insya’Allah!

Dear Mak, I woke up early as per normal and spend my time as such:

7.30 am – Met Hikma (N.H’s fren) at CCK MRT …. Together we went to ITE College Central Campus.

8.30 am – The girls did their registration while I went around taking a few snapshots of the campus 😉



10.00 am – The event finally starts. All 3 colleges had nominated students for the various awards, and your granddaughter N. H. has won the Achievers’ Awards in the CCA Medal category for being a Student Councilor. She was given a certificate and a medal. Congrats again N.H. ❤ You know I’m proud of you! 🙂

12.00 pm – The event ended and after a short time enjoying the lunch given to us, I went off to Zhenghua Sec Sch for PTM.

1.45 pm – Reached Zhenghua and I was able to see only the teachers of W.Q. Alhamdulillah, overall she passed but there are room for improvement for her Science and Geography. She was able to maintain her grade for mathematics …. but the grades for English and Malay went down by a few points. For H.R.’s result? Only tomorrow will I get to see her report book.

Dear Mak, time has changed and so do the way school manages and the learning curve.  It’s so different from my years in school that sometimes I had difficulty keeping track. Mak, do make du’a for us all …. May all of us be given the chance to reunite again as a family in a place that is all good and finally a chance for your grandchildren to meet both you and bapak.  May Allah bless both of you! Aamiin ….

Ramadhan is coming and there is no month that makes me miss you more than when it is Ramadhan 😦

mak …. mak … mak …. alas! words are just not enough … 😦




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