Had a heart to heart talk with my 2 oldest girls yesterday as we walked to Giant Supermart. The topic was about gratitude.

It began with my eldest saying that she always feels heavy heart to ask my 3rd sister any help or favour. Not because her aunt won’t render help but rather she felt ashamed to ask anything more from her ….. she said 3rd aunt has helped us too many times and even paid for her N level exam fees that she felt bad to ask for anything else.

I concurred with her that my 3rd sister’s generosity are indeed something that we could never repay back. Even though we actually never asked for her help directly but the moment she found out about our predicament indirectly, she would always be the first to offer assistance to us.

It was then that my eldest daughter said she would do her best to repay back once she start her working life. She intent to give her aunt “ang pao” from her first bonus.

Alhamdulillah …. I am happy to see that my daughter knows how to feel grateful. Gratitude is part of the characters we all need to have as human beings. Now, if only she and her sisters can further cultivate these traits to become closer to the One who bestow on them all these.

Insya’Allah …. as long as I live, supplication is my strength.

Aamiin Aamiin Aamiin Ya Rabb!


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