Almost everyday as I begin my day in the morning, I would have different topics that I reflect on. Today the topic is on regrets.

Do I regrets certain things in my life?

Yes and No.

Yes…. I have regrets along the way to my life right now. Sometimes I feel that if I had been more wiser and mature in thinking ….the road leading to my life right now might be different. Yet half of me also acknowledge that some things are just meant to be and from what I’ve learnt along the way….. is that despite the negative, there’s always blessings hidden in them.

No… I feel no regret to certain events or things I’ve done cos somehow these makes me (I hope) a better pupil at learning how to be a human.

There are moments due to these events, that I’ve come to know the small number of beautiful people in my life that comes and goes whenever it’s the right time. For that, I have no regrets and am very thankful.

So regrets as regrets goes …. life still goes on and what is for sure is that the future cannot be 100% foretold and may or may not hold negative or positive impacts on me. Sometimes what the eyes can see is just that … how far the sight allows to see but beyond it? Will still keep me guessing …. But right now? Right now, its far more important to keep striving and reminding myself to do good, be good, do not harm others and myself … in deeds, words and thoughts.



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