Out of commission

I was woken up early this morning by my youngest …. her fever was up again. The temperature was very hot to the touch even though the day before she had been given medicine. So I told her definitely have to see the doctor today.

When it was her turn …. the doctor checked her temperature and it was 39.1 degree. After further checks she was prescribed medicine and given 2 days mc.

Now, her fever still comes and go.

One by one the family has been out of commission due to illness. First it was me, I was on mc last Wednesday. I had slight temperature and bad headaches that throbs on particular spots …. the aches comes and go randomly but when it came it was so very painful.  Till now the throbbing do come and go but has grown lesser at least.

Then husband had running nose on Friday, along with the eldest girl. The eldest went to see the doctor as her nose block was so bad that she had difficulty sleeping at night and was given an mc last Friday while husband as per normal, keep going to work and refused to see the doctor.

Then, Saturday and today, it was the youngest girl’s turn.

The only one left standing healthy is the 2nd one. She usually do not fall sick easily but once she does, it will take her a long time to recover.

It’s the season I think and I hope those who are sick will have a speedy recovery and for those who aren’t do take care to ensure plenty of fluid and sufficient intake of Vitamin C.

Right, it’s time to sleep …. tomorrow another busy day awaits. Too many projects at work right now ….

Feeling tired *yawn* ….



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