Of farewell and SG50

Saturday, 16th May.

Today marks the day we say good-bye to our eldest sister. She went back to Brunei just now at noon. I was not able to send her off, instead I said my good-byes last evening when we had a last family get together at my 3rd nephew’s abode in Yishun.

We had steamboat and bbq for dinner, all prepared by my niece-in-law.  Then the rest of us potluck fried noodles, donuts, green bean soup, vadai, roti boyan and fruits.

  Our dinner ….

“Lepaks” time after our dinner …

Even though I was not able to see my sister off at the airport, as usual my extended family members always keep us inform via our family watsapp group.  My 3rd BIL even took a video of them saying their good-byes and for that I am thankful for the positive sides of having technology in our lives 🙂

Pic taken while in the airport …. (such a huge Durian at the background… hehee)

The reason for me not being able to go to the airport today?  I was part of a team participating in the ESU SG50 Amazing Race!

So early this morning, at 8 am we all gathered at the foyer of the NLB building and at 8.30 am off we went to do the amazing race. We were Team No. 5. It was very tiring moving and running from one station to another but I find it fun! In fact, I took it as a form of workout for me.

There was a hitch with one of our route to the 4th station (the organiser made a mistake and did not even inform us the correct place) , we lost almost half an hour searching for the correct station and so we lost so much time.  Thus, we were rather one of the latest to arrive at the final meeting place, which was at Fish & Co. (Glass House).  This was the place where all teams met and we had our lunch, games, announcement of the 3 winning teams and lucky draws. We did not win but 2 of us won a prize in the lucky draw. One of the lucky draw winners was yours truly 😉 Alhamdulillah ….

We were also given the opportunity to write our wishes for SG50.

Above: Our lunch (Pic of the food, courtesy from one of my team mates).

Besides all these, there were many freebies. Above all, the lunch was good. My favourite was the appetizer, nachos and salsa… yumms!!!The ice-cream was also good!

 Group foto

Now, I am feeling all achy … but a nice kind of aching and I think I will skip dinner after all cos still feeling full 😉


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