A very special gift!

My husband has a cousin who is a writer and only just recently she has published another new Malay novel for teenagers.

The title of the novel is “Jangan Menangis Sakinah” (Do not cry Sakinah).

I was delighted when she watsapp me, stating that she’s giving a copy to me.  What a wonderful and special gift! A bookworm like me simply love receiving a book as gift and the joy becomes double when the author is someone whom I know 😉

I am now in the midst of reading the book, almost finishing it in fact. I have to say I hardly read Malay books and so when I read books written by Kak Umamah, I learn new Malay words that I would not have used or even ever heard before. Her writings are so descriptive and as I read, I am learning more of my own language.  Made me realise how poor my command of the Malay language is right now hehee…

This novel is about the ups and down of a girl named Sakinah who after an accident became paralysed. As she tries to cope with the lost of her mobility, she also had to face the lost of her father. Her struggles and her effort to overcome all these unfold in the book.

This is a book not only suitable for teenagers but also anyone who reads it. There are many learning points in this book that teaches us to face life’s adversity in a positive manner and with a strong and patience heart.


Inside this book, there’s even a special dedication for me, signed with the author’s signature 🙂

Thank you Kak Umamah ….You’ve made my day indeed with this special gift and gesture. May Allah bless and rewards you manifold with more future success in your career as a writer. Aamiin!



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