The maknae and Me! 

Our maknae in the house is getting taller …. She is now 1.6 m., which means she is the second tallest in the house and if she grow some more, she just might be as tall as her father 😉

While the maknae getting taller, me being the second oldest in the family is ageing well and showing more signs of being an elder person hahahaaa….

First, it is my eyes, then my legs and stamina and now my teeth. I just realise recently that my front teeth, there are gaps in between them. Which means of course that my gums are the cause and this is part of growing old.  The road of the fortyish is indeed tough at times 😉

So while the maknae is growing taller and turning into a teenager…. I’m growing older and hopefully can remain healthy for a long time. Insya’Allah…



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