Today, my day started very early …. it was a whole day of physical work, manning the buffet counter, greeting relatives and guests … indeed very tiring yet I am contented and happy. Being with my whole family members and re-connection … re-bonding with them … indeed these are precious moments!

Today we celebrated the birth of my grandniece, we had a “majlis cukur rambut”(hair shaving ceremony) at my nephew’s abode. This ceremony is part of the Malay/Islamic culture.  Actually my grandniece had her “sunnah” for this event done one week after her birth, the parents did them at the masjid and as according to the sunnah, the shaved hair of the baby were weighed and based on that, an amount was donated to charity.

The event started off with the recitation/selawat from the Marhaban group and then a surprised birthday celebration for my niece-in-law (the baby’s mother). After which we had guests coming over till 6 pm.

Her Royal Highness for the day! ❤
Princess Nur Eiliyah Ayu

The surprise Birthday Cake and its owner! 😉


The Rainbow Nutella Birthday Cake!
Soo pretty and delicious!

And afterwards all the mothers in the family were in for our very own surprise … hahaaa…  😉
The younger generations in the family prepared a surprise cake for all of us! Everyone of us were tickled by it hehee….

Our Mother’s Day Cake!

And just when we thought that’s all there was, the children surprised us again with a stalk of flower for each of us …. WooHoo!!! I was that happy to receive one! To end the celebration, my 2nd BIL and 2nd sister even gave each of us a present. A box that consist of my BIL’s handiwork with a group photo of us four sisters together, a watch and lanyards. Thank you Everyone! ❤

Alhamdulillah rezki … 😉

The whole day event finally ends around 7 pm …. we left after helping out to clean the void deck and washing all of the utensils.  Now, it’s time to sleep and hoping tomorrow will continue to be a great day for everyone!

I know it’s Monday … but hopefully its a Monday without the Blues!




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