Tambun, the Lost World – 1st May 2015

Finally, a family retreat after so many years. Made possible after we had discussion via our family chat group. We went during the labour day holidays. Off to Ipoh via coach at night on the 30th April 2015 and arrived around 8 am the next day. But our trip do have its ups and downs.  As the saying goes… “Manusia merancang tapi Tuhan menentukan”. My eldest nephew, his wife and two youngest daughters were not able to go because my nephew had dengue just days before we were to go. Then my eldest daughter, 2 other nephews and 2 other nieces were also not able to come along due to their exams and work. So though the family was not complete, they were with us in spirits. All in all there were 17 of us (out of 25).

One of the places we went while in Ipoh was Tambun, the Lost World. I have heard of this place so many times thru my friends who had been there. Definitely a place the kids enjoyed because its a place that has pools for them to swim and play in the water, there’s also a mini zoo and theme park. The zoo and theme park is rather small but it add a nice variety. Frankly the rides at the theme park are rather tame for us Singaporean hehee but still they were ok for the kids.

I’m posting just a few of the photos I took …. Enjoy!

The entrance of the Lost World

The view from the side before the entrance

There’s an Ipoh Street within which sold various Ipoh’s well-known delicacies …

A view of the pool …

One of the rides available … I rode this one and it was fun yet scary cos I’m not a height person hahahaa….

The haunted house … BOO!!!!

The roller coaster ride … not scary at all but still fun!

The water slides …

Tambun has the longest lazy river …

There’s a lake as well … Simply beautiful to view 🙂

Choo choo train to bring guests around the park …

Ipoh was known for being a tin mining area long time ago so there’s some historical display in the park, very educational!

A showcase of how tin ore were done in those days …


There’s tiger in the mini zoo …


My kids love this …. The Petting Zoo!

A beautiful green parrot in the Petting Zoo …there’s more animals such as rabbits, raccons, horses, snakes and birds.

Ok that’s it for today!



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