Dear Mr Handphone

Dear Mr Handphone,

You know, I like to use you … so likeable but the past 2 weeks you have been cranky with me. Even when you battery icon showed full, you went “blank” with me without any warning. I have been very patience … on and off you so many times, I made sure to disable apps that won’t drain your battery lifespan so fast … but sad to say, you just won’t go easy on me anymore 😦

Looked like you were very sick …. so today I decided to bring you to your doctor. Good news! Your doctor has decided that since your warranty are still active and that the problem really lies with your battery, I did not have to pay a single cent for your medical treatment. Phew!!!!

Best news of all … because its iphone and because its the battery fault, I received a totally new handphone …. 🙂 Yeayyy!!!!

A blessing in disguise? Maybe and maybe not 😉

Whatever it is, I am just grateful to have my Mr Handphone back again … alive and kicking!

Well, at least after 8 hours of battery charging 🙂

So tomorrow begins a new relationship with a new Mr Handphone.

Dear New Mr Handphone, let’s be good to one another for a long long time alright!



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