Lifelong learning … of a different kind

I have to say that I simply love the term lifelong learning and today upon reflection, thanks to a colleague of mine … I was reminded that lifelong learning do not have to be just academic or skills related, rather it encompass everything that goes on in our life.

Every actions and words spoke to us …. every actions and words we see and hear … every actions we do and say …. there are learning points for us to learn. Some are new and some are just reminders.

Like today, my colleague demonstrate the learning point of being kind and generous. She was given a voucher which was received 2 weeks ago … we decided to give it to her for her sole use but she surprised us by using the voucher to buy chocolates for all of us.

Lesson learnt ….. generosity and kindness spreads happiness and it takes a simple gesture just to be able to do it …. a kind thought and generous character makes a whole lot of difference to the world around us …. but how many of us are able to do this? I must say, I am not this generous and kind …. if the voucher were given to me, most likely I would use it for my family.

Thank you SC …. your chocolate was a welcome gift of course but your life lessons are much more precious. May you be bless always!



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