Wise words

I was walking towards my bus stop this morning and along the way, I came across a school boy walking to school, accompanied by his maid. Not an unusual scenario but what captured my attention was how this little boy was paying attention to the pep talk given to him by his maid.

“The world is not yours…. You cannot do things as you like without thinking about other people” – Maid

THAT captured my attention … As I hear it, I was thinking …. What wise words and it’s good to see how caring the maid was to her charge and how wonderful to see the young boy listening to her.

Wise words and caring caregivers  are so precious.

My heart felt light as a feather as I continued my journey to work.

Somehow the short distance that I walk everyday always bring some kind of surprise to my five senses and most of them are delightful 🙂

Alhamdulillah ….


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