Nom Nom Nom!

The past few days, I had the opportunity to try the foods at Fish & Co., and Ambeng Cafe. I thoroughly enjoyed my “makan” sessions … both places are good but my favourite was of course the authentic Nasi Ambeng @ Ambeng Cafe by Dapur Ummi Abdullah.

At Fish & Co., I went with my colleagues, there were 6 of us. We went to Clementi Mall …. we had our dinner to celebrate the birthday of our RO and also to give a treat to our ex-colleague.


Top L-R: Black Pepper Pizza, Baked Fish Meal (oopss! I can’t remember the name hahaha)
Bottom L-R: Fish & Co. number 1 Fish & Chips and Seafood platter

Next, over @ Ambeng Cafe, which was a few days later, I went with my eldest sister and my oldest nephews. We went during lunch time and it was our first time to East Village. A rather small mall and many of the shops are still unoccupied. Nevertheless, it was worth going all the way to the east to enjoy the wonderful and sooo yummylicious Nasi Ambeng.

The Nasi Ambeng was served in a tray, filled with fragrant white rice and 14 dishes circling the white rice. Nasi Ambeng is a traditional Javanese cuisine. A tray can be shared among 3-4 people at one go.

The food was indeed delicious and it was fun eating together in a tray 😉

Brings back the old memories when I was a child. We used to eat this way during special occasions, with everyone sitting on the floor and the tray of food in the middle. We will all sat around the tray and feast on the foods. Somehow eating this way, brought on a kind of bond among us. A family that eats together, stays together, I suppose 😉

Nasi Ambeng accompanied with 14 dishes ….

I’m thinking that it would be nice to have this Nasi Ambeng set during the coming fasting month …. Insya’Allah will make it possible for the rest of the family members to try this wonderful cuisine 🙂



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