Reminiscing Bedok South

I was not born in Bedok South but I remember and have fond memories of living there as a child and a grown-up.

Our family came from a kampung called Kampung Alsagoff. During 1970s, many kampungs (villages) had to be demolish to make way for urbanization and the making of modern Singapore.

Our family was one of the many families that had to move to housing flats at that time.

Bedok South was the place.

I was 3 years old at that time and sad to say I could hardly remember my kampung life, all I remembered was my life in Bedok.

When we moved to our flat, the lift was still not working and so we had to slowly climb up with our belongings…. 12 storey high…. Imagined that! With all our belongings I could just imagined how many times my parents and sisters had to climb up and down at that time. It would have been so difficult for them.

It became way easier once the lift was working which was days after we moved.

Life for me was then filled with memories of Bedok South.

I remembered my neighbours …. We knew them from kampung days and together with new ones we met at the flat, one could say that we knew almost everyone in the block 😉

Everyone was always friendly and helpful …. At that time, we may be living in flats but the kampung spirit was pretty strong and alive then. Such a big constrast to the situation now.

I love going to the wet market with my late mum ….. From the experience I learnt about the different types of vegetables, fishes and which shops to buy certain foodstuffs.

My favourite hang out place in the market would be the fresh chickens corner. I love seeing the Pak Aji ‘sembelih’ (slaughter) the chickens we ordered and then watching how they will then soaked the chickens in hot water, plucked the feathers etc……. Before giving the chickens to us.

Such a pity my children missed these experiences. There’s no longer such a service available….. Now everything is process from factories.

Bedok South was such a convenient place to live…. So many amenities available and so many memories from living there for 20 over years.

At first I was reluctant to leave it but circumstances gave me no choice after my parents’ death and my marriage, and so till now, whenever I had a chance to pass by or visit Bedok South….. It made me happy cos the moment I came to it, wonderful memories flowed in.

It has changed a lot, the town itself, yet there are somethings that still showed the faces of yesterdays…. and I’m glad it is so.

Thank you Bedok South ….


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